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Dailymotion - PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. - une vidéo Art et Création

by fgranger & 1 other
RT @nitot: Sublime: #video #pixels #8bits #geeky // Superbe !

woman character sprite : video edit

by sylvainulg
A UI gold mine for someone working on a pixel art edition tool.

Galactic Garden

by sylvainulg
"vine"-ish pixels to study

A List Apart: Articles: Put Your Content in My Pocket

by kruty (via)
You also need to be aware that the iPhone adjusts text sizes as the viewport changes. The font size increases automatically to make text as readable as possible. Sometimes this negatively affects elements that use absolute positioning or fixed sizes (especially when using pixels to specify page coordinates). If you find that this causes overflow or other unsightly results, you can easily turn it off using the following CSS rule: -webkit-text-size-adjust: none;


2D Hero

by sylvainulg (via)
If ever i get some cash to hire Tom on my own project ...

Lectro Mockup Madness! (New demo! July 22nd)

by sylvainulg
i have Lectro.rar in dumbDesktop/, which features Lectro.exe and Lectro.nds ... hmm hmm ...

Interview with Adam Atomic about Flixel and Indiegames | Digital Tools

by sylvainulg
"And suddenly there was Flixel, a free and open-source gameengine. Very well designed, fast to step into, made for ActionScript 3 and very versatile." ...


by sylvainulg & 1 other
de la plate-forme, de la 3D, de la DS, du pixel art ... tout pour être heureux ^_^

kyle pulver

by sylvainulg
an interesting indie game


(Animation)Shooting fireball*Updated*

by sylvainulg
another (pixel) animation lesson by ben2theedge << there are two rules you MUST remember when animating: 1: Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion, and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest 2: Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction For almost any animation this is all the physics knowledge you need. You can make an animation more or less "stylized" by exaggerating or downplaying these laws. >>

[WIP] Red Dragon

by sylvainulg
banding explained by arachne

Pix and Play: Pixellisez le monde qui vous entoure...

by sylvainulg
un commentaire qui débarquait sur mon blog ...

Bilou HomeBrew's Blog : Chibby Commander Keen

by sylvainulg
I came up with this chibby Commander Keen as result of my experiments with the 32x32 editing mode of my sprite editor tonight. It might be used in a demo-platformer for SEDS/GEDS/LEDS tools on the Nintendo DS


by sylvainulg
the great thing with the extra stick on X chromosoms is that it allows you to have more talents. Such like being beautiful, talented artist and love retro video games.

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