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August 2005

RSS Ping

by svartling & 3 others (via)
RSS Ping combines RSS item metadata with site update information. It enhances the current ping specification, adding information about exactly what has been updated or published, with the notification that something has been updated. RSS Ping reduces the need to revisit or work done by aggregators and search engines when revisiting the publisher site after being pinged, to provide truly real-time updates for information on the Web.

July 2005

Ping your favorite services when updating your blog.

by svartling & 1 other (via)
Welcome to this new free services pinging system. For now it pings 17 services. If you would like to add one, leave me an email with the service's name and page where I can see how to ping their service. Note: I created and opened this service to my blog readers because the Ping-O-Matic system seems to have hosting problems these days. It is to accommodate them that I opened this service. Please, do not abuse of this service, otherwise I will need to shut it down in a second. This is a test that I am doing, and it is under construction. If you have any suggestions to improve the service (I have already some things on my to-do list) leave me an email and I will take care of it.

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