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by springnet & 1 other
outlook sync for contacts, calendar, pim web based


EssentialPIM - Absolutely free, powerful PIM

by smudie & 5 others
"Simple, effective, and innovative Personal Information Manager" -- an Outlook replacement with the email program, in other word. And it even comes in a portable version that can be run off a USB drive


by sachachua & 26 others
Javascript web-based task outliner with flexible columns. Great stuff.

Fraser Speirs - Incremental GTD App Hacking

by sachachua
Must figure out how to do delicious-style tags...


How to Save the World

by sachachua & 3 others
Modified Getting Things Done, buckets

Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka

by sachachua
Tech secrets of the overprolific geek

Sciral - Consistency

by sachachua & 1 other
Personal information manager for cyclic tasks, shows distance from ideal period with colors

bignoseduglyguy: Getting Things Done with E-mail

by sachachua & 3 others
David Allen's GTD implemented with e-mail. I wonder if gnus can do tagging. Using folders for delegated,etc. is a good idea, although a bit difficult with my current setup.

but she's a girl... » GTD using text files

by sachachua & 1 other
Getting Things Done, text files with some ruby support.

Tools for Thinking

by sachachua & 1 other
Information management

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