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November 2008

October 2008

September 2008

Ben Yates » How to Play Piano

by xibe

Piano as a Second Instrument is a 30-page tutorial for beginning players and songwriters. It takes a relaxed approach, and gives you tools to create your own music. (It’s also free.)

March 2008

by reischek & 1 other
Le piano pour les débutants : partitions solfège exercices cours de piano

Piano Quizz

by reischek
Apprendre ses notes de musique et les touches du piano.

February 2008

Fondation Résonnance - La fondatrice

by fotopol
Elisabeth Sombart, pianiste. fondatrice de la fondation résonnnance.

Fondation Résonnance - Page principale

by fotopol
Site Elisabeth Sombart pianiste quelques extraits audibles à l'ouverture de la page principale

January 2008

Accueil Festival Michel Sogny

by fotopol (via)
Michel Soigny pianiste et organisateur du festival du piano de Coppet

December 2007

November 2007

August 2007

Human Piano Concept Video

by oqdbpo & 1 other
A few years ago I had this idea of building a monstrous instrument that would be played with giant wire-bound gloves and big copper bars. After making the prototype I accidently grabbed one of the bars with my hand and realized that the sound went through me!. That led to the idea of a whole piano made up of human hands. Here are some of the tests and performances We used it in.

July 2007

Jazz Piano Online

by simon de lorgeril
Recommandé par(

June 2007

— Antoine Hervé —

by fotopol
Antoine Hervé piano, discographie avec extraits MP3

April 2007

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