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November 2004

MovableBlog: Archives: Integrating with PHP and Magpie

by jinjiru & 3 others
In December of last year I published a way to integrate into your Movable Type-powered weblog. If you have PHP installed on your system, you can use the Magpie RSS PHP library in conjunction with the following PHP code to integrate on any webs

PHPBBforFree Home - The Future of Forum Hosting.

by Pandora
"PHPBBforFree is a service which offers free PHPBB hosting using an automatic and custom forum creation script. PHPBBforFree allows you to setup a free online PHPBB forum instantly in seconds with full control over your free PHPBB chat forum. PHPBBforFree

Password protect your blog :: Adam Kalsey

by Pandora
In case you want to password protect an entry in Movable Type.

MySQLinks | Main

by Pandora
A links management system utilizing the power of php and mysql database.

Web Caching Tutorial

by marc-o & 23 others, 1 comment
Tout savoir sur le cache HTTP

Dietrich Ayala | PHP API

by Pandora & 7 others
More help with integrating

Build A Simple Style Switcher in CSS [CSS Tutorials]

by Pandora
a simple styleswitcher for skins and the like.

October 2004