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July 2005

Introduction to PHP 5 PDO - SitePoint PHP Blog

by nhoizey (via)
Although there are already some PHP database abstraction classes available, the advantage of PDO is that it will be available in any PHP installation (so long as it is enabled) at runtime, without any need for recompiling. In addition, since it has been written from scratch specifically for PHP 5, it has a high level of performance. And if you are like me and often only want the key features, then PDO provides all the essential functions you need to connect to different databases. If you need the "full works", then the PEAR MDB2 package can handle that.

June 2005

Introduction aux tableaux en PHP5

by dzc
Cet artice présente les fonctions de tableaux et leurs fonctionnalités en PHP 5 (en anglais)

PHP5 Power Programming

by kalooni & 3 others
Un livre en anglais/américain de 750 pages sur PHP 5 (Web Services, PEAR ...)

Setting up PHP5 in parallel with PHP4 in SuSE 9.2

by fredbird
SuSE 9.2 ships with Apache2 and PHP4. In order to install PHP5 some extra work is therefore required. This Mini-HOWTO explains how to setup PHP5 in parallel with PHP4 and also how to easily switch between PHP4 and PHP5 on the same server using Apache2 and also how to maintain different ini-files for PHP4 and PHP5.

May 2005

April 2005

March 2005

PHP5 : SimpleXML - JDN Développeurs

by benoit & 1 other
SimpleXML est une des deux nouvelles extensions de PHP 5 consacrées à XML, et présente une approche du traitement des fichiers XML mettant en avant la simplicité d'utilisation.

February 2005

PHP5 Apache MySQL sur Windows : WAMP5

by julie & 13 others
Découvrez PHP5 grâce à WAMP5 !

EasyPHP 1.7 et PHP 5

by julie
EasyPHP 1.7 et PHP 5

Solar for PHP

by Krome & 2 others (via)
Solar is a class library and application component suite for PHP5. Solar provides simple, easy-to-comprehend classes and components for the common aspects of web-based rapid application development. Solar is designed for developers who intend to distribute their applications to the whole world. This means the database driver functions work exactly the same way for each supported database. It also means that localization support is built in from the start.

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