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Using the Zend Framework with Symfony 1.1 | MirthLab

by loneseb & 3 others
I’ve written about using the Zend Framework within Symfony before but things have changed a bit in Symfony 1.1 so I wanted to post an update with a new Symfony 1.1 compatible approach to loading and using the library from within Symfony. The biggest change that has happened since my previous article is that the sfZendFrameworkBridge has been removed from Symfony. This is actually a Good Thing since, as you’ll see in a moment, there is now a more elegant approach to loading external libraries.

symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog | The symfony 1.1 architecture

by kasi77
Before we release symfony 1.1 later this week, I want to give some information about the new symfony 1.1 architecture. Apart from the new exiting features we have in symfony 1.1, this version also represents a year of hard work to refactor the internals. Let's dig into symfony internals a bit!

symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog |How to create an optimized version of your website for the iPhone in symfony 1.1

by kasi77
symfony 1.1 introduces native support for different formats and mime-types. This means that the same model and controller can have different templates based on the requested format. The default format is still HTML but symfony supports several other formats out of the box as defined in the factories.yml file

HowToContributeToSymfony - symfony - Trac

by François Hodierne, 1 comment (via)

At the time these lines are written, the symfony trunk is intentionally broken - please just don't ask us why ;)

Livre Blanc : Frameworks PHP pour l’entreprise

by nhoizey & 2 others
Un livre blanc présentant les frameworks majeurs disponibles pour PHP, en mettant en évidence leurs zones de confort et inconfort

Is symfony 1.1 too verbose?

by kasi77 & 3 others
Among the remarks have about symfony 1.1, the most recurring one is the shift of philosophy between the 1.0 and 1.1 syntax. If symfony 1.0 syntax was made to write code fast, I believe it is not the case anymore with symfony 1.1, which is designed primarily for extensibility. The result is that a symfony 1.1 application looks a lot more like a Java program. I tend to agree that Object-Orientation is a good thing because it forces you to organize your code in a modular way. But when object-orientation makes you need to keep a symfony book aside at all times and multiply the number of LOC by two, I think it's a dead end.

Redo The Web » Application Lego: Build a Wiki with Symfony in 20 Minutes

by kasi77 & 2 others
This tutorial shows how fast you can develop with symfony. It showcases symfony's admin generator capabilities, and makes great use of a couple of symfony plugins.


Installer Symfony sous Mac OS X avec MAMP - Glagla Dot Org

by nhoizey
Symfony est un framework RAD PHP vraiment interessant. Voici un rapide tutoriel pour l'utilisez sous OS X avec MAMP.

symfony PHP5 framework » Chapter 17 - Extending Symfony

by kasi77
You will probably need to reuse a piece of code that you developed for one of your symfony applications. If you can package this piece of code into a single class, no problem: Drop the class in one of the lib/ folders of another application and the autoloader will take care of the rest. But if the code is spread across more than one file, such as a complete new theme for the administration generator or a combination of JavaScript files and helpers to automate your favorite visual effect, just copying the files is not the best solution

symfony PHP5 framework » Chapter 1 - Introducing Symfony

by nhoizey
Why "symfony" and not "FooBarFramework"? Because [...] The other alternative was "baguette."

symfony PHP5 framework » The Definitive Guide to Symfony and symfony 1.0 RC1 released

by dièse
We are very proud to announce the official release of The Definitive Guide to Symfony, a book that myself and Fabien spent the last months writing. The 490 pages of this book explain all you need to know from starting up symfony to managing a symfony application, with a lot of practical examples and expert tips.


symfony PHP5 framework » symfony advent calendar day one: starting up a project

by springnet
The symfony advent calendar is a set of 24 tutorials, published day-by-day between December 1st and Christmas. That's right, every day including week-ends, a new tutorial will be published. Each tutorial is meant to last less than one hour, and will be th

symfony PHP5 framework » Announcing symfony 1.0 beta 1

by nhoizey & 1 other
It's been a long time since the latest beta release (0.7.1915), and even a longer time since the last stable release (0.6.3). Today, we are happy to announce the release of symfony 1.0 Beta 1, and this is a major step towards the version 1.0, which should come shortly

Frameworks PHP : Symfony, inachevé ? - Blog - Veille - Clever Age

by nhoizey & 10 others, 1 comment
Notre objectif n’est pas de faire la critique absolue de Symfony, mais bien plutôt de mettre le doigt "là où ça fait mal", afin de contribuer à l’amélioration de ce formidable outil qui arrive très bientôt en 1.0 ! Et vérifier un vieil adage, par la même occasion : "qui aime bien châtie bien" !

symfony: Search engine

by mauriz & 3 others
Construire un moteur de recherche avec Symfony

symfony PHP5 framework » My first symfony project

by springnet & 3 others
To go fast, we will use the symfony sandbox. It is an empty symfony project where all the required libraries are already included, and where the basic configuration is already done. The great advantage of the sandbox over other types of installation is th

symfony - open-source PHP5 web framework

by bertux & 76 others (via)
Based on the best practices of web development, thoroughly tried on several active websites, symfony aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

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