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symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog | The symfony 1.1 architecture

by kasi77
Before we release symfony 1.1 later this week, I want to give some information about the new symfony 1.1 architecture. Apart from the new exiting features we have in symfony 1.1, this version also represents a year of hard work to refactor the internals. Let's dig into symfony internals a bit!

symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog |How to create an optimized version of your website for the iPhone in symfony 1.1

by kasi77
symfony 1.1 introduces native support for different formats and mime-types. This means that the same model and controller can have different templates based on the requested format. The default format is still HTML but symfony supports several other formats out of the box as defined in the factories.yml file

Astuce PHP : La fonction register_shutdown_function - Blog de Geeek, le blog geek par excellence par Ludovic Toinel ...

by kasi77
Rares sont les personnes qui connaissent la fonction register_shutdown_function, et pourtant, elle est très utile. Elle permet de réaliser des traitements hors transaction HTTP.


habari - Google Code

by camel & 5 others
le fork de wordpress


atelier|PHP5 (conception et développement de forums de discussion distribués en PHP5)

by Country & 5 others (via)
L'atelier|PHP5 est un plate-forme d'échange permettant à tous de suivre le développement du projet phpStudio, participer, laisser des commentaires, élaborer des suggestions, etc.

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