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PHP: Supported Versions

by dzc & 1 other
Each release branch of PHP is fully supported for two years from its initial stable release. During this period, bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed and are released in regular point releases. After this two year period of active support, each branch is then supported for an additional year for critical security issues only.




Cityvox exemple d’une migration Open Source réussie - Logiciel Libre

by balluche
Un exemple : e-TF1, passé a PHP, pour de besoin bien plus important et qui affiche des benchmark 10 fois supérieur à ceux de Vignette.


plan for mass-bug filing, removal of php4

by CharlesNepote
"as i mentioned a couple weeks ago, php4 is going to be removed from testing/unstable."


Et si vous migriez ? - just call me pep

by camel
PHP5 est une vraie évolution du langage, rendant ce dernier plus sérieux et rigoureux. A condition de ne pas l'utiliser comme un vulgaire successeur de PHP4. En quelques points rapides, Jack D. Herrington vous expose ce qui pourrait bien changer votre façon d'aborder la POO en PHP : A PHP V5 migration guide.

php|tek Day 2 - Pixelated Dreams

by Ganf
Slides "migration to PHP 5.1" du php|tek 2006

PHP et : passé, présent et avenir

by balluche
Powerpoint de présentation du projet de migration du site Le Monde de JAVA vers PHP.


Moving Legacy PHP4 apps to PHP 5.1 | PHP Everywhere

by nhoizey (via)
Today, started to test moving some of our PHP4 apps to PHP5.1.1. Some of this code was written for PHP 4.0.6, over 3 years ago. The migration so far has been relatively painless. Here are some of the problems we encountered.

What's New in PHP 5

by nhoizey (via)
This book covers PHP 5 and its new features in great detail. However, for those of you familiar with PHP 4, and are eager to know what is new in PHP 5, then this chapter is for you.

Transition du XSL de PHP4 xslt à PHP5 xsl

by nhoizey (via)
Lors de l'évolution de PHP4 à PHP5, un certain nombre de modifications sont nécessaires dans les scripts. En PHP4, pour gérer du XSL, il fallait utiliser l'extension xslt, qui était expérimentale. En PHP5, cette extension a été remplacée par l'extension xsl, toujours expérimentale.

PHP: Backward Incompatible Changes

by camel & 3 others
Although most existing PHP 4 code should work without changes, you should pay attention to the following backward incompatible changes.

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