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July 2014

Former Microsoft Engineers Launch Pixotale, A Social Networking App For Visual Storytelling | TechCrunch

by sbrothier
A pair of ex-Microsoft engineers, Robert Mao and Haitao Li, have launched what they describe as a new social network based around photos and videos with Pixotale, an app that aims to re-imagine long-form storytelling for the mobile era.

June 2014

instagram takipçi arttırma

by SadeceSEO
Takipçi kasma kavramı sosyal medya ortaya çıktığından beri olan bir kavram fakat bu kavramı değiştiren bir site var bu site gerçekten bu kavramı tamamen farklı bir boyuta taşıdı. Instagram da da hepimiz takipçi arttırmak, takipçi kasmak isteriz. Şuan milyonlarca kişinin kullandığı Instagram giderek daha da popülerleşiyor. Hal böyle olunca Instagram'da takipçi kasmak'ta önemli bir nokta oluyor...

May 2014

MIT Visualizing Cultures

by sbrothier
These photos of men and women from different walks of life catered to foreign curiosity about the "exotic" Japanese. Most were taken in Beato's studio in Yokohama. Album courtesy of the Smith College Museum of Art.

Photos | Kotodamaya

by sbrothier
kaohame 顔ハメ a.k.a. kaodashi kanban 顔出し看板

April 2014

by alice lee | carousel

by sbrothier (via)
Carousel is the new gallery from Dropbox that helps you organize, share, and save your photos and videos with friends and family (remember having to individually send every photo in a set over iMessage? Yeah, no more!). It’s an app that holds your photos and videos, and therefore your memories - and its story needs to do it justice.

March 2014

Instagram Photos Give A Rare Look At Life Inside North Korea

by bouilloire
Comme quoi, Instagram peut être utile parfois