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Palais Royal in Paris

by axel
These metalic balls are a part of Pol Bury's "Les fontaines à boules". Two fountains that the belgian artist placed in Palais Royal, near Buren's Columns. Sadly, they are not moving anymore and I couldn't find any water animating them.


Beautiful Pictures from Penela, Portugal

by olgerdviz (via)
amazing beauty of cloudy skies over medieval buildings

» Sagrada Família, Barcelona: An Eccentric Cathedral

by olgerdviz
A mixture of Art-Nouveau, Modern and gothic architecture, a sandcastle looking eccentric cathedral, which will be the tallest religions building in the world when completed in 2026. HQ pictures and video

» Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France: Pictures, Video, Music

by olgerdviz (via)
A fantastic location off the Normandy coast: rocky round island with a medieval abbey, which inspired the appearance of Minas Tirith in Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings'. Cool pictures, Mike Oldfield's music, video slide-show and some useful info.


by ronypj
Go Coorg provides information about Coorg or Kodagu and places of visit in Coorg. Coorg a definite tourist destination in Karnataka. Get more information on Madikeri, Kushalnagar and other places


Land of the Large Things

by stacy & 2 others, 2 comments
A trip to the USA in summer 2006 to look at big stuff and look at all the road signs until I find myself.


by cyberien (via)
myTripz is a social network connecting people around the world! With myTripz, you can share your travel experiences, journals and photos with friends and family; read reviews on restaurants, clubs, hotels and more; meet people from different places and make new friends!

Traveleor - share the experience

by westo
Share your photos and experiences with your own free personal website * unlimited storage space * your own photo, blog and links page * view your photos automatically as a slideshow * stay in contact with your own message board * plot your travels around the globe on your own interactive map * fully customise your site with the option of having no ads and your own site statistics page

Maun, Botswana Blog

by oceandavid
Street level perspectives of life in and around Maun, Botswana.

Martijn Smeets Fotografie

by mirakelman
Website of the dutch Freelance Photographer Martijn Smeets. Including a dutch Photography weblog and a large gallery with the public pictures by Martijn Smeets.

Durham Portfolio

by june76 & 2 others
One of the best photography blogs i've come across, too beautyful for words

La Panse de l'Ours

by nomadcom1 & 1 other
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