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MIT Visualizing Cultures

by sbrothier
These photos of men and women from different walks of life catered to foreign curiosity about the "exotic" Japanese. Most were taken in Beato's studio in Yokohama. Album courtesy of the Smith College Museum of Art.

Photos | Kotodamaya

by sbrothier
kaohame 顔ハメ a.k.a. kaodashi kanban 顔出し看板



ABC News - Japan Earthquake: before and after

by sbrothier & 3 others
Aerial photos taken over Japan have revealed the scale of devastation across dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes and businesses. Hover over each satellite photo to view the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami. Development: Andrew Kesper Source: Google


Découvrez l'art de la gravure d'enseigne avec la famille Sakai de Tokyo - Blog photos du Japon - voir le Japon autrement !

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Chez les Sakai, la sculpture des panneaux de bois (ou gravure d'enseigne) est une histoire de famille ! Reconnus pour leur savoir-faire artisanal, ils signent ceux des grands tournois de Sumotoris, temples célèbres et autres enseignes de prestiges

Masaru Goto : "NIHON-JIN, BURAKU-MIN: Portraits of Japan's outcast people"

by sbrothier
The Buraku-Min (tribal people) compose one of the main minority groups in Japan, along with the Ainu of Hokkaido and the Ryukyuans of Okinawa. Despite being thoroughly Japanese, racially and ethnically, the Buraku-Min still face discrimination and struggle under the weight of their shared history in Japan.

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