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February 2015

Death to the Stock photo

by Paykhan
A fresh pack to your inbox each month, with awesome stories to match.

January 2015

December 2014


by Paykhan
Créer des images avec de la profondeur, export GIF possible

The pilots of Instagram: beautiful views from the cockpit, violating rules of the air - Quartz

by sbrothier
The pilots of Instagram are internet famous. Their stunning photos of the skies, captured from their unusual perspective inside the cockpit, garner hundreds, sometimes thousands of likes from fans.

November 2014

iPhone 6 vs. Regular Camera … Fight! — Vantage — Medium

by sbrothier
Have you noticed something weird about the photos that come out of the iPhone 6? They’re less vibrant, flatter, lacking in contrast compared to shots from the iPhones 5, and to photos from most other phones and point-and-shoot cameras.

October 2014

September 2014


by Paykhan
Free HD images for your web and design projects.

July 2014

I Was Hidden on This Guy’s Hard Drive for Over 6 Years

by sbrothier
I’m sure people have always been on paths that quietly and unknowingly intersect. Now, with people sharing their passions and experiences more than ever, we can be sure that we’ll meet yet again — or sometime in the future — whether we know it or not.

Gary Hershorn’s Off-field World Cup Album | Narratively | Human stories, boldly told.

by sbrothier
A photojournalist explores the cities of Brazil with only a smartphone in hand, and discovers the country’s most mesmerizing moments happen when no one is watching.

Google’s Street View cameras are touring museums and taking weird selfies by accident - Quartz

by sbrothier
The curtain slips a bit in the Camera in the Mirror, a new Tumblr project by the Spanish artist Mario Santamaría that collects accidental self-portraits of Google’s hulking cameras while they go about their work. It turns out that museums have a lot of mirrors, and the cameras often photograph themselves in front of them. +