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Since The 1980s, Jeff Bridges Has Done Something Incredible On The Set Of All His Movies. | The Roosevelts

by sbrothier
Since the 1980s, Jeff Bridges has been taking set shots and behind-the-scene photos from all his films with his unique panoramic Widelux camera. His consistency is amazing.


by costel (via)
Chrysanthemums | Nature and Travel Photography

Autumnal Roses Photos

by costel (via)
Autumnal Roses Photos in Wordpress Photoblog


MIT Visualizing Cultures

by sbrothier
These photos of men and women from different walks of life catered to foreign curiosity about the "exotic" Japanese. Most were taken in Beato's studio in Yokohama. Album courtesy of the Smith College Museum of Art.


Balloon Mapping Kit (retail) |

by sbrothier
The kit ships with paper documentation. (all available on the Guides page for download) The latest editions of: Grassroots Mapping Guide Balloon Mapping Quick Start Guide Balloon Mapping Flight Checklists and Packing Lists Kit contributors list CERN Open Hardware License Legal Indemnity & Safety warnings Welcome to Public Laboratory getting started page (not for first KS shipping, but for later kits?) a 1 page Flight Log

Breadpig Shop - Buy Geeky Things & Make the World Suck Less! — Balloon Mapping Kit

by sbrothier
Once assembled, this kit -- developed by community researchers from the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science -- enables you to collect your own aerial photos from up to 1000 ft. Using the open source MapKnitter web-based software, you can stitch the resulting images into a web-viewable map -- your own "counter-cartography" Google Maps. Use it to tell a different story from the "official" map -- document contamination (it was used to map the BP oil spill) or wetlands loss, or to record a temporary condition like the Occupy Oakland encampment.


Françoise Huguier - Livre & Expo

by sbrothier
De Françoise Huguier je connaissais essentiellement les photos de mode, de défilés, de backstages, des photos coupées qui vous dévoilaient d’exceptionnels robes, étoffes, jeux de tissus, de lumières … Des photos de mode à la façon de reportages terrain. Cette idée de capturer des moments de mode comme on capturerait des instants de vie est à mettre à la solde de Christian Caujolle, alors directeur du service photo chez Libé, dans les années 80. C’est lui qui envoya missionner Françoise Huguier dans ce monde de «raffinement et barbarie» … Bref l’alchimie des deux : reportage et mode a donné, et ne cesse de donner corps à de Sublimes photos (Titre d’un de ses livres de photos sur la mode).

Un webdocumentaire : "Alma" de Upian et Arte 4 | GQMAGAZINE

by sbrothier & 2 others
Réalisé par Miquel Dewever-Plana et Isabelle Fougère, Alma est un portrait en forme de confession d’une jeune femme qui a appartenu pendant 5 ans à l’un des gangs les plus violents du Guatemala. Une histoire déclinée sous forme de web-documentaire, de documentaire, d’application mobile, de livres et d’une exposition de photos et dessins des auteurs. Pour la version iPad, deux films de 40 minutes se déroulent simultanément.

Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos by The Impossible Project — Kickstarter

by sbrothier
Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.

Photo Mechanic - Professional Digital Photo Workflow Software

by sbrothier
Overview Photo Mechanic takes the work out of workflow! Photo Mechanic sets out to be the most useful Photo Workflow Software on the market today. It does this by being logical in operation, intuitive in use and, most importantly of all, performing its functions as quickly as possible. Photo Mechanic is able to perform most of the needed tasks in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) workflow. Such as; downloading, renaming, backing up, rating, grouping, optimizing, maintaining, thinning, and exporting files. Custom sorting methods are available for your particular workflow. Multithreaded software works in the background to keep ahead of you, so images appear blazingly fast. You can view your originals full screen, compare similar shots side by side, delete the bad shots, tag photos while watching a slide show, and sort your keepers into multiple folders. Photo Mechanic’s power lies in its flexibility and each user will no doubt use Photo Mechanic in subtly different ways to fit into their own unique workflow needs.


Gaston Zvi Ickowicz - Photographer

by sbrothier (via)
.....Over the past three years, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz has documented settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The photographs he took there focus on the architecture of the settlements, on portraits of settlers, on fences and on roadblocks, and examine their relationship to the landscape.....

gps4cam - the geotag app for iPhone. | The app that brings geotagging to every camera!

by sbrothier & 1 other
Geotag the photos you take with your favorite digital camera. Thanks to gps4cam, you will never again waste your time trying to find out where you took a specific picture – from now on, all your photos will be localized! The App works with all camera brands and there is no need to synchronize manually your camera and your iPhone. What’s more, you can use gps4cam without connecting to a network, which is perfect for trips abroad.

Gifts for photographers

by flakki
Gift suggestions for photographers tired of getting giftcards as gifts


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