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May 2008

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March 2008

Look at Me, a collection of found photos

by jdrsantos & 9 others
These photos were either lost, forgotten, or thrown away. The images now are nameless, without connection to the people they show, or the photographer who took them. Maybe someone died and a relative threw away their photographs; maybe someone thought the

February 2008

Vanity Fair: The Hollywood Issue / The 2008 Hollywood Portfolio: Hitchcock Classics

by rickydrier & 1 other (via)
several stars from hollywood channel iconic moments from Hitchcock's greatest hits. A Vanity Fair Portfolio

January 2008

December 2007

Martine Fassier aux Utopiales 2007

by p.fassier
L'album photo de Martine Fassier au Festivales des Utopiales à Nantes, avec Art et Fact, Gilles et Thierry Francescano, Yoz, Johann Bodin, Ani, Mathieu Leyssenn, Didier Cottier, Manchu, Cédric Ponge, Michel Koch, Pascale Nubret, Thierry Cardinet, Michel Borderie, Philippe Bouchet, Didier Graffet, Eikasia Aisakie, Marc Da Cunha Lopes, Luc Schuiten, Jean-Jacques Killian, Les machines de L'ile.

November 2007

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