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November 2008

Fluid Motion

by sbrothier
Prestation et location d'équipement et systèmes dédiés / Fabrication de matériel dédié à la prise de vue


by sbrothier
LUXILON a été créé en 2002 par des amoureux de la photographie. Luxilon développe des produits innovants pour les photographes professionnels. Luxilon a diversifié ses activités et propose également à tous les amateurs de photographie une sélection de matériels et d’accessoires qui facilitent la prise de vue et permettent de réaliser des photos de qualité. Luxilon vous informera et vous conseillera efficacement sur chacun de ses produits. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter !

Pocketwizard Blog

by sbrothier
We're excited by all of the PocketWizard shooters around the globe, and set up this blog so we can share their enthusiasm for making images. Thanks for visiting.

PocketWizard Wireless Photo Triggering for Flash and Camera

by sbrothier
PocketWizard® knows that photographers rely on their tools to work all the time. That's why we make our wireless radio slaves tough, and make them work up to 1600 feet away. Whether it's a remote camera trigger along the fence of a racetrack or above the hoop, or wireless flash triggering in studio or on location, PocketWizard is there.

October 2008

Enfin le Canon EOS 5D Mark II entre les mains pour un vrai test ! - Blog photos du Japon - voir le Japon autrement !

by sbrothier
Je profite d'un break entre 2 légendes pour le livre, pour partager avec vous mes tous premiers essais du nouveau Canon EOS 5D Mark II (version Beta) que l'on m'a prêté pour test.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II : précisions et vidéo - Focus Numérique

by sbrothier (via)
Revenons un peu sur l'évènement de la semaine, la présentation du nouveau reflex Canon EOS 5D Mark II (2899 euros).

September 2008

Canon Digital Learning Center - Sample Video: EOS 5D Mark II

by sbrothier & 2 others
This video was shot with a pre-production Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR. The files used to create this video were not manipulated in any way, only re-compressed for ¼ resolution display on our website. To view Vincent Laforet’s comments and behind-the-scenes video on the making of REVERIE, please visit his blog:

Polaroid Manipulation

by sbrothier
If you happen to have an old SX-70 camera lying around, you're in luck. SX-70 cameras can take Polaroid 600 film with an easy modification. Folding SX-70 cameras are superior to 600 cameras as they have optional neutral density filters, glass lenses and a starting focal length of 10.4 inches. The modification to use 600 film with SX-70 cameras is not a modification to the camera, but to the film cartridge and is simple to do.

Thoughts About Photography: Updated 35mm Lego Camera Design

by sbrothier
Inspired by George Bristol’s variation on the film advance mechanism of my Lego camera, I have reworked the design of my 35mm Lego camera. The new camera has several things going for it. Overall it is slightly smaller. It now has an internal shutter mechanism which replaces the clumsy swinging door of the earlier model. Most importantly, I came up with a simple way to rewind the film so now the camera no longer needs to be unloaded in the dark. I have tested a couple of rolls of film with it and the improvements make this a very fun little toy! I am seriously starting to consider selling these, perhaps on Ebay. Would anybody be interested? What do you think it would be worth?

Cheap IKEA Softbox sur Flickr : partage de photos !

by sbrothier
Make your own cheap IKEA softbox (9 1/2" diameter) - set of round white nylon IKEA NÖJE storage baskets (3 for $4.99

April 2008 / IMPROVE : Optique low cost

by sbrothier
Vous avez vu le prix d’une bonne optique pour votre boitier ? Comment ça vous êtes en train de pleurer ? Et oui, c’est une réalité, le parc optique est l’investissement le plus lourd du photographe amateur/expert.

March 2008

Karlu Photographic

by sbrothier
Karlu Photographic, Units 2 - 3, Crestland Business Park, Bull Lane Industrial Estate, Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk, United Kingdom CO10 0BD

FlashFlavor » Blog Archive » Radiopopper testing

by sbrothier (via)
I am very excited to see the birth of the Radiopopper this year. This write-up will serve as a initial preview of my experience with this revolutionary unit. In order to give a full review, I will need this baby on a few of my wedding gigs. I hope to be shooting with them at my first few weddings in April. We haven’t used TTL at a wedding with off camera slaves in a long long time. Heck, I can’t tell you when. I love to change up my game, so the popper is an exciting new tool in my tool box!

DIY Square Ring Flash (with build instructions) sur Flickr : partage de photos !

by sbrothier
Having seen a lot of ring flash pictures popping up all over Flickr just recently, I decided to have a go at making one myself. I had a look through a couple of dozen designs for doing this and they all seemed to have one thing in common, they were all based on a ring. Nothing wrong with that of course, it is a ‘ring’ flash when all said and done, but after thinking about the problem for a while I decided to follow the advice of Huey Lewis, after all, it is ‘hip to be square’.

Canon EOS 5D Firmware Update

by sbrothier
This firmware update (Version 1.1.1) incorporates the following fixes and improvements: 1. It now supports high-capacity CF cards. 2. It allows the latest lens names to be recorded in the Exif information of images taken. 3. It adds lenses that are compatible with the Digital Photo Professional 3.2 lens aberration correction function.

AQUAPAC 450 housse étanche pour appareil photo reflex en stock à prix discount - Miss Numerique

by sbrothier
Cette housse étanche Aquapac 450 protège votre appareil photo reflex de l’eau, des intempéries, de la neige du sable ou même tout simplement de la poussière. Entièrement étanche jusqu’à 5 mètres de profondeur (test réalisé par le British Standards Institution) elle flotte en plus à la surface si vous la faites tomber dans l’eau par mégarde.

CANON TC-80 N3 en stock à prix discount - Miss Numerique

by sbrothier
La télécommande Canon TC-80 N3 est une télécommande avec cordon de 80 centimètres et retardateur, intervallomètre, programmateur de pose longue et compteur de vues. Le réglage de l'intervallomètre peut aller de 1 seconde à 99 heures et 59 minutes. Les réglages et préselections peuvent être effectués par un simple coup de pouce grâce à la présence d'une molette de sélection très ergonomique.

Canon Speedlite Diffusers and Mods : un album photos sur Flickr

by sbrothier & 1 other, 1 comment
Home made beauty dish with a stainless steel wok cover. DIY 24x36 softbox Home made round diffuser Extended Canon Off Shoe Cord II Snoot and color filter for Speedlites

February 2008

Mike Davidson - A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras

by sbrothier
There comes a time in every point-and-shooter’s life when he or she wonders if there is more to photography than a palm-sized block of aluminum stowed away in one’s pocket. The ultracompact point-and-shoot has come so far in the last ten years that it’s tempting to write off DSLRs as largely irrelevant to most people’s lives, not offering enough utility to offset their bulky presence and hefty price tag.


by sbrothier & 2 others
Canon EOS Numerique est un site et un forum de discussions sur la photo numérique dédié aux appareils Canon EOS numeriques. Le site a reçu l'approbation de Canon Belgique, France

January 2008

USB Digital Camera Fakes Analog » Yanko Design

by sbrothier
Imagine a tiny USB camera with no viewfinder, no LCD screen, no buttons except 1. Stripped down to it’s bare functions, this mini USB Digital Camera combines the feeling of not knowing how your shots turned out ala analog film with the ease of USB transfer. No cables are necessary. Just plug it straight away in your computer and always be surprised.

December 2007

Planète-Powershot :: Avis d'utilisateurs

by sbrothier & 1 other
critiques et avis sur objectifs et Flash

Materiel Photo - Canon 5D, objectifs Canon EF 16-35 L II, EF 35 L, EF 50 F1,4, EF 100 macro, EF 200mm L, macro, videur de cartes mémoire Hyperdrive Space, trépieds Gitzo & Manfrotto, Lunette ORION 80ED, Fisheye EF 15mm, EF 20mm, diffuseur flashs

by sbrothier
Le Canon 5D avec son capteur CMOS de 23,9 x 35,8mm permet enfin d'utiliser les optiques à leur focale nominale et de pouvoir profiter des grands angulaires, tout en laissant davantage de libertés au photographe en matière de gestion de la profondeur de champ.

PowerShot G9 Top Page

by sbrothier, 4 comments
This camera has features including a 12.1 Megapixel, 1/1.7-inch CCD, DIGIC III Image Processor, 6x optical zoom lens with a shift-type optical Image Stabilizer (IS) system and 3.0-inch LCD monitor with wide viewing angle. It uses Battery Pack NB-2LH to shoot up to approx. 240 images (based on the CIPA standard when the LCD monitor is on), and SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards, MultiMediaCards, MMCplus cards and HC MMCplus cards for the recording media. Images are utilized with a direct print compatible printer, computer and TV via USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.

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