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Hendrik Kerstens

by Sarcomical
his images are inspired by 17th century dutch painters such as Vermeer. the light, composition, and subjects are gorgeous.

Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir - Photography

by Sarcomical
she's SO creative and imaginative. i love her eye.

Bentley Films

by Sarcomical
oh my lord. her photography is pure art and it absolutely takes my breath away. lots of self-portraits, but like none i've ever seen. her background in film direction has given her a uniquely forward-thinking method of composing her shots.

Wedding Tips: 8 Questions Brides Ask About Setting up a Wedding Registry

by richpat1
Here’s the real deal on setting up your wedding registry and getting the word out without offending your guests. Remember that retailers can be an enormous help to both you and your guests. At the same time, you can’t take everything they ...


Yahoo! 360° ■ Gérard Delisle ■ Ottawa, ON Canada

by Gérard Delisle
Ma passion est la photo. Cette page présente des liens qui mènent vers mes photos, mes blogues ainsi que mes signets virtuels (photographie et autres sujets ----■---- Photography is my passion. This page has links to my photos, my blogs and also to my favorites sites (photography and other areas of interest) ---■--- [email protected]

no knock room

by noknockroom
no knock room is an online portal dedicated to contemporary art and whose main objective is to support talented young artists in search of exposure. It’s an open door to the art world, a project on constant evolution, a place where creative and talented artists can be recognised as such.

Philippe Roy - Photojournaliste

by Gérard Delisle
Canadian photographer and reporter, currently based in Shanghai, China, freelancing for a number of publications including i-Magazine, China InFlight magazine and MetroZine Magazine.

by Gérard Delisle (via)
Olga Kisseleva is one of the most accomplished Russian artists of her generation. Graduated from St. Petersburg University, she belongs to the first generation after Perestroika, which helped to bring down the Berlin Wall and cast aside the iron curtain.

Photographers - Find Photographers

by HoratioP & 1 other
List of thousands of photographers from around the world

Metropolis Gazette

by casper
Gazette from Photographers and Journalists around the world


by bnation
Photos taken in Vancouver of Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, and others

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