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Diaporama Photobucket avec un Gadget Blogger

by prac53
Afficher un diaporama de Photobucket avec un Gadget Blogger. Options multiples (clic sur image, barre de navigation, ordre des images)

Un Gadget Blogger pour afficher les vignettes d'un Flux Media RSS de Photobucket

by prac53
A partir d'un Flux Media RSS, le Gadget Blogger permet d afficher un tableau de vignettes. Le nombre et la taille des vignettes sont parametrables

Les vignettes d'un Flux Media RSS de Photobucket sur son Site ou son Blog

by prac53
Un Gadget Google pour afficher les vignettes d'un Flux Media RSS de Photobucket sur son Site ou son Blog. La taille et le nombre de vignettes sont param├ętrables



Photobucket JWidget

by cyberien
Are you looking to offer free image & video hosting and sharing capabilities on your website? The Photobucket Jwidget is an industry-first tool that will enable your website users to access and share their Photobucket images and video without ever leaving your site. What is the Jwidget? It is a free plugin that can be implemented in minutes giving any website free image and video hosting and publishing functionality at no additional cost. It's a simple IFRAME that lives on your website, allowing your members to upload as well as publish content from their Photobucket account without leaving your site. Why should you use it? If your site accepts direct links and you want to enable your members to publish user-generated image and video content, the Photobucket Jwidget is for you. It will create a much more content rich engaging experience for your users while leveraging Photobucket's world class infrastructure, storage, bandwidth, and industry leading content moderation system. With Photobucket's 19 million members, there is a high probability that your users are already using Photobucket. The Jwidget will make it much easier for your users to link their Photobucket content onto your site. If you want to earn money from the traffic you generate from your Jwidget, join the Photobucket Affiliate Program!. You can earn $10 for every user that upgrades to a Photobucket premium account. To learn more about the affiliate program,


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