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by France (via)
Mamaw est un site pour les passionnés de chats ! Vous y découvrez des vidéos, des photos et des informations sur les chats. Bonne visite !

Découvrez le Cricetus

by France (via)
Le grand Hamster d'Alsace, autrement appelé Cricetus, est un animal en voie d'extinction. Faune.Alsace vous dit tout à son sujet !

Le magazine pour adulte se relance

by France
Le blog pornofolio se relance après plusieurs mois d'inactivité. Vous pourrez y découvrir des vidéos, photos et articles pour adultes !


Le Chiwawa de nouveau en ligne

by France
Après un petit soucis de serveur, le site refonctionne encore mieux qu'avant !



by ms_michel
A simple tool for uploading photos to Google’s PicasaWeb online gallery



Online Image Editor

by ms_michel
Resize, rotate, and crop an image with


LightBox Web Gallery Generator

by ms_michel
A C# program to generate HTML Web Gallery based on the LightBox JS.

Photo Library

by ms_michel (via)
PhotoLibrary is a .NET assembly that Encapsulates all the EXIF information in a Bitmap


by ms_michel & 15 others (via)
Provides you with the simplest way of displaying your Flickr photosets on your own website with the use of some javascript.


by ms_michel & 2 others
A nicer way to search Flickr (search by CreativeCommons license)

Dealing with images in content management systems

by ms_michel
When it comes to graphics, CMS contributors are usually expected to provide web-ready images to the system. This means that either editorial users needs to know about image optimisation and web image formats, or additional staff are required to make web-ready images out of raw materials.

Lightbox Gone Wild

by ms_michel & 16 others (via)
A more flexible implementation of the popular lightbox script. Ca devrait permettre de faire des popups modaux :)

The ExifWorks class

by ms_michel
The ExifWorks is a class written in 100% pure managed VB.NET, which allows comfortable reading of embedded EXIF metadata. Free Image Hosting - Online Photo Albums - Photo Sharing

by macroron & 44 others
Provides image hosting for MySpace, eBay, blogs, message boards, and online photo albums. Photobucket is reliable, fast and very simple to use. Give it a try! Valid file types: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, swf Images larger than 512 KB are automatically resiz

2005 Tutorials

by macroron
a free, simple, fast, reliable image hosting and online photo album site that allows direct linking and photo sharing.

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