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Charli XCX

by France (via)
Toute l'actualité sur le chanteuse Charli XCX : photos, vidéos, ne manquez aucune nouvelle de votre chanteuse préférée !



Aviary image, sound, and visual FX editing

by wabaus & 1 other
Aviary is a web-based suite of media editing tools including: * image editor * screen capture * vector editor * effects editor * music creator * audio editor * image markup * color swatch editor


VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes

by ycc2106 & 8 others
VUVOX gives you the power to create one of a kind stories in an instant. All you need to do is provide whatever cool content that you have. Take pictures, video, audio and text. Mix it up. Choose backgrounds, colors, textures that create your vibe and then you are ready to share your piece with the world.



Le HibOO »

by vodkacoca & 1 other
Petit oiseau nocturne pour voir des artistes en quelques clics

Karrine Superhead Steffans

by chernobylnews & 1 other
Ne-Yo And Lil Wayne, Look Out Video Vixen Karrine Steffans Ready To Kiss And Tell Again

Vote and Ranking

by kujira_san
easy way to evaluate your artworks by people. Supported media types are photo, video, and music.


by vodkacoca
Photos de concert du photographe Robert GIL

Get The Curse

by vodkacoca & 1 other
Get The Curse, nouveau site dont l’ambition affichée est de promouvoir avant tout la musique electronique que l’on aime, et de rendre compte de la scène actuelle de façon fidèle. Voilà tu as dans tes mains le chainon manquant de tes favoris web, ni vraiment blog, ni tout à fait webzine.

alain finkielkrautrock

by vodkacoca & 1 other
diskrautrock, deep folk, z movies, dirty diamonds, cosmic, country, balearic breakcore, codeine disco beats, south-italo disco, northern acid soul, slow is the new fast.

Tubes - The private, secure way to share any file with any friend!

by cyberien (via)
Tubes™ is the fastest and easiest way to share anything with anyone, anywhere. Simply Create, Invite and Share! Tubes is a revolutionary PC+web application designed to let you create instant personal sharing networks of friends, family, classmates, colleagues, or your own devices. Tubes lets you instantly share photos, music, video and documents with everyone you know and have them share their stuff with you through the same tube. With online backup and automatic syncing capabilities, Tubes is an effortless way to share, access and experience digital content across all your devices with all your communities. Tubes combines the speed of instant messaging (I.M) with the convenience of mobile and the reach of email. Key Benefits Simple Tubes enables instant digital content sharing – all you need is your friend’s email address. Just drag and drop your files and they are instantly replicated for everyone you invite – it’s that simple. No more emailing or uploading large files. Shared content is pushed to you automatically without you taking any action and everything shared is always available on everyone’s computers, even when there isn’t an Internet connection. Smart Tubes offers transparent real-time synchronization. Update your tube offline, and once re-connected to the Internet, your community will instantaneously have access to your tube’s content. And anything you put into a tube - or they, if you allow it - is intelligently replicated across to the network to every person and every device invited. Savvy Tubes provides people with a safe, secure online environment and a customizable permission-based platform. Invite who you wish, share only what you choose. In addition to being a secure sharing platform, Tubes provides an automatic back-up of all shared files – so you can easily retrieve all your shared files from another PC.

MyCast your digital media with Orb 2.0 remote pc access software

by cyberien & 1 other
Orb is simple and fast to use. The Orb application is free to download and install, and there are no fees for MyCasting. You only need a home computer to get setup, and can use any web-enabled media player with streaming capabilities, portable or otherwise, to remotely play the media you desire. Once the Orb software is installed on your "always-on" home PC, your computer acts like your personal broadcasting system. You now have the ability to stream content through any internet-connected device like a mobile phone, PDA, laptop or any other computer. No additional hardware or software is necessary to be installed on any of the web-enabled devices you want to use. With Orb, you can start MyCasting your photos, music, videos, live* or recorded TV, documents and more right now. *Please note, to access live TV you will need to purchase and install a TV tuner card in your home PC. Orb makes this easy to do by providing instructions and recommendations. To start MyCasting, enter into your web browser, login and your on your personal broadcasting station. Orb creates a secure media portal to your home PC. There are no downloads, just unencumbered streaming of digital content. The Orb application automatically checks the bandwidth, screen size and resolution of your viewing device and optimizes the digital content for your device and connection speed. You don't have to worry about how it works - you can just play and enjoy! MyCasting through Orb maximizes the potential of both the Internet and the devices we use everyday to unlock the digital media on your home computer in a way never before possible.


Stickam - Broadcast Yourself LIVE!

by cyberien & 29 others
Stickam™ allows you to easily place streaming video, slide show, music, and live video chat on your blog and/or web site. With Stickam™, you can instantly play your videos online using just your web browser. There is no software to download, you just copy and paste the Stickam™ Code into your web site or blog where you want it. Your video can be viewed by virtually anyone with no software to install and will play on any operating system including Linux, Windows and Mac.

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