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by p.fassier & 14 others
Albums photos de Ari Versluis et Ellie Uyttenbroek pour Le monde Magazine sur les uniformes de la diversité. Costumes, identités, diversité, mimétisme, tendances, pluralité...




Customise your photo album with skins

by fotopol (via)
Jalbum, logiciel gratuit de création de pages web

Expono - Upload Once. Share Anywhere.

by ycc2106
This site came up to life due to the need for a place where people could actually grasp a sense of history, in relation the different places where they belong to. This is an important human need, and this site seems to be a good option for you to take a look at, if you are looking for such kind of service.

photoZoom(r) - High Res Photo Albums

by ycc2106
photozoomr provides a platform to present high resolution images in the web. DRag and drop, zoom


Album photos de Bulgarie

by hervebg
Album photos de Bulgarie ouvert a tous. Ajouter des photos perso de Bulgarie... Notation et commentaires possibles des photos. photos classes par regions et theme


by rmaltete & 1 other
Reveal is an easy to use, cross platform EXIF metadata viewer with limited editing capabilities. Reveal was designed to present as many details about how a photo was taken in a clear and easy to understand format.


by maxxyme & 48 others
open source web based photo album organizer

Jalbum - Create and share your own photo album site

by fotopol & 16 others (via)
Création d'albums web, nombreuses options, génétation automatique de la mise en page

Festival de Tango Argentin du Nouvel An 2008 à Kerallic

by p.fassier
Album photo de la semaine de Festival de Tango argentin au Manoir de Kerallic à l'occasion du Nouvel An 2008 à Plestin-les-Grèves (Photos : Philippe Fassier ) avec Maria Giachello et Gustavo Gomez ; Bakartxo Arabaolaza et Joseba Pagola ; Gisela Passi et Rodrigo Rufino ; Eladia Cordoba et Diego Ocampo ; Daniela Pucci et Luis Blanchi ; L'orchestre Cuarteto El Arrastre ; Pablo Pensavalle ; Diego Aubia ; Gilberto Pereyra ; Michael Gneist


Martine Fassier aux Utopiales 2007

by p.fassier
L'album photo de Martine Fassier au Festivales des Utopiales à Nantes, avec Art et Fact, Gilles et Thierry Francescano, Yoz, Johann Bodin, Ani, Mathieu Leyssenn, Didier Cottier, Manchu, Cédric Ponge, Michel Koch, Pascale Nubret, Thierry Cardinet, Michel Borderie, Philippe Bouchet, Didier Graffet, Eikasia Aisakie, Marc Da Cunha Lopes, Luc Schuiten, Jean-Jacques Killian, Les machines de L'ile.

PicLens - Enable

by nhoizey
We've made it really easy for photo content on any site to be viewable in PicLens. If you manage a website and want to offer your users a superior photo experience, all you have to do is add a Media RSS feed to your pages. - Tango argentin

by p.fassier
Tango photo album des Tangobsédés, avec Matthias

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