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30 October 2005

Cisco Planning VoIP System for Radiotelephones

by teleclick
Cisco Systems has announced that they are planning a new communication system that will allow for many different types of walkie-talkies and radiotelephones to interoperate via VoIP and SIP.

03 October 2005

Telus Strike Causes Surge in Vonage Subscriptions

by teleclick
Ever since the strike begun at Telus, Vonage has had a surge in new subscribers from Alberta and British Columbia (Telus’s primary service areas).

25 September 2005

TeleSign Provides VoIP Fraud Prevention Service

by teleclick
Over the past few months, fraud-artists have been making use of VoIP technology to scam web-based businesses.

23 September 2005

First Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Introduced

by teleclick
Sprint PCS has recently launched the Vision Smart Device PPC-6700, which is the first cell phone to run the new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

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