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November 2009

New Phones

by michcheok
Mobile & cell phone news, reviews, specs, release date, best buys, cheap price for new latest Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG phones.

October 2009

Welcome to CinchCast

by ycc2106
Like twitter but talking

July 2009

VoIP by sipgate - Free phone service for your VoIP phone

by ycc2106
No monthly charges, no set up fees, no monthly minimum, yet includes landline features like three-way calling and conferencing.

June 2009

Jumblo | Free calls

by ycc2106
phone call, sms PC > phone, phone > phone...are free depending on the coutry Post, Share and Bookmark instantly from your mobile...

by ycc2106
bookmark it in delicious, share it on Twitter, Facebook or Friendfeed, email it, etc… on your phone. Lets you also manage them URL shortner

March 2009

Pipl - People Search

by ycc2106 & 5 others
The most comprehensive people search on the web Name Email Username Phone


by greut & 8 others (via)

PhoneGap is a development tool that allows web developers to take advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry SDK using JavaScript.

abstraction layer to the many phone APIs around there.

brad's life - AddressBooker & exporting my Facebook Phonebook

by Xavier Lacot
A GreaseMonke script for exporting Facebook contacts phone numbers to iCal. And finally get Facebook - IPhone synchronization!

February 2009

January 2009

December 2008

gethuman database from Paul English

by brianwaustin & 3 others
How proceed directly to a human operator when calling customer support.

November 2008

Free Phone Calls with freebuzzer |

by simon_bricolo
International free phone call but only for 2 minutes

October 2008

Shuttle phone

by wabaus
Virgin Mobile Shuttle phone with megapixel camera, bluetooth, and MP3 player.

July 2008

Envoyer des messages et appels en masse

by nougatine & 1 other
Phonevite est une solution qui vous permet d'envoyer gratuitement des messages, des rappels ou des alertes en masse à vos correspondants. Un service qui peut s'avérer bien utile...

May 2008

Symbian World

by springnet
twitter @ewanspence sybian blogs aggreggated on this site

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