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March 2008

Phobos Starwars page

by night.kame

Il s'illustre alors en participant à la campagne de Sullust où, tombé dans une embuscade qui vit l'anéantissement de toute son escadrille, il abat à lui tout seul avec son A-Wing (et sans warheads) l'ISD Enculator et toute son escouade de chasseurs Ties.

C'est beau ces sites à l'abandon :-) Non compatible HTML5.

November 2006

New Technologies for Ajax and Web Application Development: Project jMaki, Project Dynamic Faces, and Project Phobos

by clochix
This is the first in a series of introductory articles about new projects that make developing interactive and dynamic web applications easier. Project jMaki and Project Dynamic Faces make it easier to add Ajax functionality -- a technology that includes but is not limited to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML -- to your web applications. The Phobos project allows you to develop web applications using a scripting language, which can allow for more rapid development

phobos: Project Phobos

by clochix & 2 others
Project Phobos is a lightweight, scripting-friendly, web application environment running on the Java platform, aimed at addressing emerging developer requirements. Scripting and dynamic languages are growing in popularity among developers, especially for building Web applications. These developers place special value on rapid application development and deployment.

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