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Using web workers - Document Object Model (DOM) | MDN

by srcmax
Dedicated Web Workers provide a simple means for web content to run scripts in background threads.  Once created, a worker can send messages to the spawning task by posting messages to an event handler specified by the creator. The worker thread can perform tasks without interfering with the user interface.  In addition, they can perform I/O using XMLHttpRequest (although the responseXML  and channel attributes are always null).

jsPerf: JavaScript performance playground

by srcmax & 1 other
jsPerf aims to provide an easy way to create and share test cases, comparing the performance of different JavaScript snippets by running benchmarks



Mozilla : du Webkit et de l'accélération graphique dans Firefox - PC INpact

by srcmax (via)

Au premier plan de la concurrence entre les navigateurs, on trouve le chapitre des performances. Devenues un passage obligé dans tous les tests de ce type de produits, elles sont un élément comparatif crucial pour séparer le bon grain de l’ivraie. Dans ce domaine, certaines brillent davantage que d’autres et Firefox, que ses extensions ont rendu célèbre, doit être bousculé pour s’adapter. Mozilla prépare donc notamment une nouvelle machine JavaScript et va chercher son inspiration ailleurs.


Safari 4 benchmarked: 42x faster than IE 7, 3.5x faster than Firefox 3 - Crave at CNET UK

by srcmax
Proving itself a staggering 42 times faster at rendering JavaScript than IE 7, our benchmarks confirm Apple's Safari 4 browser, released in beta today, is the fastest browser on the planet. In fact, it beat Google's Chrome, Firefox 3, Opera 9.6 and even Mozilla's developmental Minefield browser.

Opera prépare un nouveau moteur JavaScript - Standblog

by srcmax (via)
Every browser is getting better on standards, JS performance, etc... But not at the same pace.


Ajaxian » Firefox 3 Performance Numbers

by srcmax (via)
They are reporting that Firefox 3 is now faster than Safari 3, and is close to WebKit nightly in certain benchmarks. I can just picture Steve coming down on people saying “we market this as the fastest browser on the planet!” which is tough, as noone stays the fastest for ever. It is a race, and I am sure that WebKit and Firefox will be switching spots a lot in recently years.

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