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August 2012

cdnjs - the missing cdn

by Xavier Lacot
A CDN for js libraries, hosted and maintained by CloudFlare

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

Faye: Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

by Xavier Lacot
A publish-subscribe messaging system, which provides message servers for both Node.js and Ruby. Clients are available for all the major typical consumers. The full stack implements several protocols, and comes with a wide range of adapters.

April 2012

A Faster Emulator with Better Hardware Support | Android Developers Blog

by Xavier Lacot
Android unveiled yesterday a new GPU-enabled version of the Android emulator, which will help make Android dev faster, smoother and more productive.

March 2012

Experiences with Node.js: Porting a RESTful Service Written in Java - ZiggyTech

by night.kame

After more research and swapping out modules, the bottleneck was narrowed down to the Sequelize ORM. A direct correlation was identified between the number of records and the throughput from the resource. By increasing the number of records in a table, it exponentially decreased the throughput of data when using Sequelize.

On comprend mieux pourquoi les révolutionnaires se concentrent sur le NoSQL : c'est qu'ils ont du mal avec le SQL :-)

February 2012

High Scalability - High Scalability - Tumblr Architecture - 15 Billion Page Views a Month and Harder to Scale than Twitter

by night.kame & 1 other

Node.js wasn’t selected because it is easier to scale the team with a JVM base. Node.js isn’t developed enough to have standards and best practices, a large volume of well tested code. With Scala you can use all the Java code. There’s not a lot of knowledge of how to use it in a scalable way and they target 5ms response times, 4 9s HA, 40K requests per second and some at 400K requests per second. There’s a lot in the Java ecosystem they can leverage.

REDbot: <>

by Spone & 3 others (via)
RED is a robot that checks HTTP resources to see how they'll behave, pointing out common problems and suggesting improvements. Although it is not a HTTP conformance tester, it can find a number of HTTP-related issues.

January 2012

steelThread/redmon - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
A nifty graphical interface for monitoring the usage of Redis instances


by Xavier Lacot
A from-scratch re-write of jQuery, especially targeted at mobile devices : 12 kB in the minified version!

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