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Evernote Architecture - 9 Million Users and 150 Million Requests a Day

by holyver
The folks at Evernote were kind enough to write up an overview of their architecture in a post titled Architectural Digest. Dave Engberg describes their approach to networking, sharding, user storage, search, and some other custom services.

June 2011

OCTO talks ! » Charger des fichiers javascript de façon performante

by Monique

l’importance de la performance dans les applications web : Quelques points de performance feront la différence entre une expérience réussie et une application perçue négativement par ses utilisateurs

Détecter tout ralentissement de traffic P2P

by Giraultises (via)
ShaperProbe est un utilitaire qui vous permet de tester la performance de votre connexion P2P. Ainsi si votre fournisseur d'accès a décidé de brider ce dernier vous en aurez le cœur net.

May 2011


by balluche
RESULT: With compression, REISER4, absolutely SMASHED the other filesystems.

Home - Lambda Probe

by balluche & 2 others
Outil d'introspection temps réel pour Tomcat.

April 2011

March 2011

3.4 million page views per day, 92 M per month, one server and Drupal

by holyver (via)
In this talk, Khalid of, Inc., Inc will talk about a how to scale a Drupal web site with the following statistics. 3.4 million pages per day peak 92 million page views per month 189,650 page views per hour peak 840,000 visits on peak day 22.96 million visits per month 52,747 visits per hour peak So far, this is the highest traffic a Drupal site gets that we heard of. What is amazing is that this web site runs on a single mid range server ...

February 2011

5 rules to optimize your server - Vancouver Drupal Development, Alfresco Development and iPhone Development from Appnovation

by holyver (via)
Here are five rules to help you optimize your Drupal installation, as well as some examples to illustrate how to apply them. Server optimization is a huge field, and it is constantly evolving, but we can to study simple cases to understand more complex ones.

elasticsearch - blog - Percolator

by Xavier Lacot
ElasticSearch's new "Percolator" feature, which enabled to index queries and find which documents match them : instead of sending docs, indexing them, and then running queries, one sends queries, registers them, and then sends docs and finds out which queries match that doc.

Intel QuickPath Interconnect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by sylvainulg
èèè vooy. Les v'là qui nous font du contrôle de flux et des piles réseau entre les processeurs. ²

Mobile Perf bookmarklet

by ghis
"Web development on mobile devices is especially challenging. The debuggers and profilers we use on the desktop aren't available. Bookmarklets are a good alternative. They're lightweight and work on most browsers - even mobile browsers. But installing bookmarklets in mobile browsers is a pain. You could try to find all the good bookmarklets out there and install them one by one. Or... Just install the Mobile Perf bookmarklet!"

January 2011