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High Performance Websites with Symfony2

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Jordi Boggiano gives some hints on how to improve the performances of a Symfony2 powered website



sfManagedCachePlugin | Recoursive

by Xavier Lacot (via)
The very point of caching is that it's faster and less resource intensive to deliver cached data than creating it on the fly. With existing cache solutions, when the cached data expires, it has to be refreshed while the user waits. In environments that rely heavily on caching, such behavior has the potential to create thread pileups and other cascading failure scenarios. This plugin introduces a cache manager : when an expired âge is called, then it is directly served from the cache, and then the cache gets asynchronously refreshed.

sfPropelActAsBackupBehavior: Symfony versioning and backup Plugin | Another break in the wall…

by Xavier Lacot
A refactor of Tristan's sfPropelActAsVersionnableBehavior is on the road, which should be more performant for large size indexes.


Medieval Programming » Blog Archive » Better Performance patch for Symfony 1.0.x and Propel 1.2

by Xavier Lacot
I found the sfBuilders that are responsible for stripping the comments from the generated propel classes and also saw that there is a addIncludes parameter in propel.ini. Lets reuse that and modify the Builders to strip the inline includes and requires. I admit this is a tiny step, but some propel users are desperately searching for performance tweaks (as I am as well) so I hope this could be of use. I send this patch for inclusion in symfony 1.1.

symfony and the .htaccess file at Spindrop

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
One performance boost that can be garnered from a symfony app (or any app for that matter) is disabling .htaccess.

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