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Flash contre HTML5 : 3, 2, 1 partez !

by nhoizey
"Le plus économe demeure le couple Safari/HTML5 qui ne consomme que 12 % des ressources processeur. Pour effectuer la même tâche, le duo Safari/Flash s’accapare 37 % du temps processeur"


New London

by HK
Nouvelle expérience de réalité augmentée sur le site de NewLondon, autour de l’œuvre de James Jarvis. Londres. A suivre en temps réel jusqu’au 26 octobre.


flv streaming with lighttpd

by camel & 2 others (via)
1.4.11 got a new module for streaming Flash movie files called mod_flv_streaming. This module allows you to seek in FLV files using the high performance infrastructure of lighttpd. The idea is simple and explained and implemented on ‘Streaming’ flv video via PHP, take two at But instead of streaming the file through PHP we do it in the webserver. The module expects a request for the URL which matches flv-streaming.extensions and can handle a ’?start=’ as part of the request. The information to pass into the ‘start’ parameter is extractly by the flash-player from the meta-data of the flv-files. The meta-data can be setup with flvtool2 Now I leave it to you to combine this with mod_secdownload to create a flv-streaming server for free with deep/hot linking protected movies. server.modules = ( ..., "mod_secdownload", ## optional "mod_flv_streaming", ... ) flv-streaming.extensions = ( ".flv" ) Take the flash-player from flashcomguru and adjust the URL in the player and try yourself.


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