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.NET Data Access Performance Comparison: ASP Alliance

by brianwaustin (via)
In .NET, there are several ways to extract data from a data source. The two most common techniques using ADO.NET involve the use of the DataReader or the filling of a DataSet or DataTable with a DataAdapter. In this article, a very easy-to-reproduce set of tests is analyzed to determine which techniques performs the fastest. Further, additional variables such as N-Tier architecture and the effects of caching on the results are considered. Finally, I recommend some best practices based on the results

A Performance Comparison of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Existing Distributed Communication Technologies

by brianwaustin (via)
This article provides a high-level performance comparison between Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and existing Microsoft .NET distributed communication technologies.

Code profiling, memory profiling, .NET profiler - ANTS Profiler

by brianwaustin
Identify performance bottlenecks quickly and easily Optimize memory usage and locate memory leaks Visual Studio integration with context sensitivity Download file includes FREE Visual Studio Add-in


Clemens Vasters and the WS Stars : So how much faster is it really and is it? WCF performance in comparison.

by nhoizey
To summarize the results, WCF is 25%—50% faster than ASP.NET Web Services, and approximately 25% faster than .NET Remoting. [...] in one case WCF is nearly 100% faster but in another scenario it is nearly 25% slower.

Le blog d'Emmanuel Fougeras

by e.fougeras
Un blog sur le développement informatique, l'algorithmique avancée et la finance de marché (Risk Management, suivi de la performance...)

2006 - Scott Hanselman - XSLT Stylesheet Performance on Big Ass Documents

by ddelangle (via)
Nutshell: .NET 2.0 was 10x faster than .NET 1.1. MSXML6 was 15% slower than MSXML4.


Web Services and other distributed technologies: Performance of ASP.NET Web Services, Enterprise Services, and .NET Remoting

by nhoizey (via)
Compare and contrast performance characteristics of real-life ASP.NET Web services, .NET Enterprise Services components, and .NET Remoting components, and get recommendations on how to best use these technologies.

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