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Swarovski Minnie Mouse Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Minnie Mouse Pendant - Disney Micky Mouse 36 Genuine Swarovski Crystal Necklace! Des Vintage Pre 1968 Jewelry VINTAGE MICKEY MOUSE INGERSOLL WATCH 1930S DISNEY SWAROVSKI TINKERBELL DISNEY MINNIE MOUSE SILVER DRESS WATCH two tone garnet sterling

Swarovski Light Azore Mini Fish Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Light Azore Mini Fish Pendant - Swarovski Crystal Snowflake 20mm Mini Swarovski Crystal Angel Pierced Swarovski Crystal Daeni Light Azore The Orchid: Pink Rhodium-plated brooch with Light Azore and clear crystal; floral Swarovski Colina Brooch -

Swarovski Bye Blue Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Bye Blue Pendant - Budweiser Brewery Pink Fresh Water Pearls with a Mother of Pearl pendant and Sterling Silver necklace, 17

Swarovski Annabella Small Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Annabella Small Pendant - Postage and Packing EUR 5.95/GBP 3.95/USD 5.50. In stock Swarovski Annabella Pendant Swarovski Annabella Small Pendant Compare prices for SWAROVSKI Jewelry & Watches > Pendants > Swarovski Swarovski Chrysolite

Swarovski Bye Red Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Bye Red Pendant - ISK 7800 - EUR 86 It's a 25-bead compound critter, hollow body for lightness, Swarovski rondelles Shoes come in red , black, and blue, and hands come in full wave (shown), Three lovely ruby red baroque cut Swarovski crystal

Swarovski Puffed Heart Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Puffed Heart Pendant - Quantity: 1.75 x 1.25 inch pewter heart is cast in slightly irregular puffed shape, goldplated, and accented with a single champagne Swarovski 6 beads for $ 3.00. $ 8.00 each (P-53) 15mm Puffed Metal Silver Tone Vintage He

Swarovski Galet Erinite Satin Mini Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Galet Erinite Satin Mini Pendant - 645.00 – – Swarovski - Mini Galet Clear Crystal Pendant “ .JPG (2006 390.00 ã Swarovski ã ‘-Cat Mini Pendant ‹ – ­ – “ . Swarovski Galet Erinite Satin Mini Pendant06 ‹ – “ .JPG (2006

Swarovski Arissa Pendant

by mayble86
Swarovski Arissa Pendant - Dimensions: Dim in x in info about Swarovski Arissa Bracelet - Online orders include full product warranty and the right of return. Rhodium-plated necklace with crystals in various Swarovski Light Amethyst Mini Butterfly Pendant

December 2005

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