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13 April 2018 03:45

(2) Poptropica English Islands Course Overview - YouTube

by tadeufilippini
Poptropica English Islands Course Overview 722 visualizaƧƵes 8 1 Compartilhar Pearson English Publicado em 5 de dez de 2017 Watch this video for a short introduction to the new Poptropica English Islands course. It includes the key course features and highlights new components

13 April 2018 03:15

Poptropica English Islands

by tadeufilippini (via)
Engage young learners like never before Poptropica English Islands is a multiple-level course for children learning English as a foreign language in Primary schools. The level, content and pace make it suitable for use in Primary schools with typically 5 or more lessons of English per week. Poptropica English Islands offers best practice methodology in the classroom whilst offering teachers and pupils an innovative digital environment.

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