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September 2006

July 2006

The LAMP development toolkit - Program - Builder AU

by springnet
Setting up a PHP 5 with Apache 2 and MySQL 4.1.3 PHP 5.0 has finally arrived. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a cutting-edge Web development environment with PHP 5.0, Apache 2.0, and MySQL 4.1.3., the best resource for PHP tutorials, templates, PHP manuals, content management systems, scripts, classes and more.

by springnet & 2 others
10 Tips That Every PHP Newbie Should Know Jeffery Vaska I wish I had known these 10 tips the day I started working with PHP. Instead of learning them through painstaking process, I could have been on my way to becoming a PHP programmer even sooner! This a

phpMyEdit: Instant MySQL Table Editor and PHP Code Generator

by springnet & 2 others
phpMyEdit generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables in HTML. All you need to do is to write a simple calling program (a utility to do this is included). It includes a huge set of table manipulation functions (record addition, change, view, co

The Melonfire Community - Trog

by springnet
PHP has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting new technologies - and XML is no exception. Early versions of PHP came with basic XML support built in; newer versions improved on this by adding support for new XML protocols and technolo -- Getting Started with PHP's <i>HTML_QuickForm</i>

by springnet
Enter PEAR, the PHP Extension and Application Repository, which provides an ever-growing number of classes to help with PHP programming. (See "An Introduction to PEAR" and "A Detailed Look at PEAR.") In this article, we will take a look at PEAR's HTML_Qui

apache friends - very easy apache, mysql, php and perl installation without hassles

by springnet & 3 others
Many people know from their own experience that it's not easy to install an Apache web server and it gets harder if you want to add MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very e

January 2006

Instant XML with PHP and PEAR::XML_Serializer [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

by Krome & 2 others (via)
PEAR::XML_Serializer works on the principle that XML can be represented as native PHP types (variables). In other words, you can build some array in PHP, pass it to XML_Serializer, and it will give you back an XML document that represents the array.

October 2005

Couplage SQL/HTML avec PEAR DataGrid et DataObject

by Monique & 3 others (via)
Générer des tableaux HTML à partir de données SQL, avec des fonctionnalités de tri et de pagination.

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