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June 2005 - Free eBooks for your PDA

by sledge & 29 others, 2 comments
All of the eBooks provided by are free. Many of the etexts are from the November, 2003 Project Gutenberg DVD, which contains the entire Project Gutenberg archives except for the Human Genome Project and audio eBooks, due to size limitations, and the Project Gutenberg of Australia eBooks, due to copyright. As of July 2004 most current PG texts are available here, usuallly within the week of release.

April 2005 - Free eBooks for your PDA

by gaccx2 & 14 others
This site contains more than 10,000 eBooks formatted for reading on your Palm, PocketPC, Zaurus, Rocketbook, eBookWise-1150, or Symbian cellphone. When eBooks are added to the site they're listed on the Recent Additions page.

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