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July 2006

Click Fraud Up from Last Quarter

by bluexmass
About 14.1 percent of clicks on text ad links are fraudulent, according to a new report scheduled to be released today from Click Forensics, the Associated Press reports. That's up from 13.7 percent three months ago. A recent report from Outsell estimated

BtoC Search Marketing Tactics

by bluexmass
Pay per click; Site optimization; Optimized press releases; Blog marketing; Paid inclusion and shopping feeds; Cross promotion and integration; Email promotions (Augmented with RSS feed); Affiliate programs

Cost Per Click - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by bluexmass
CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising is also performance based and is common in search marketing, where it is often known as Pay per click (PPC). In this scheme, an advertisement may be displayed (and assumedly viewed) many times, but the advertiser only pays

Google Local GeoAds in Beta

by bluexmass
A search on Google Local may bring up not only the familiar red balloons signifying the location of the searched-for product/service but also, sometimes, other icons (e.g., a coffee cup) that when clicked on show a PPC ad with logo, hyperlink, street loca

May 2006


by MetaMarket
Get paid to click! That’s right, no selling, no downline and no investment required. Just click on links and get paid! It really is that simple!

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