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May 2005

Main Page - AjaxPatterns

by Cyclope & 7 others (via)
This is an in-progress collection of AJAX patterns being collected and discovered by Michael Mahemoff (, building on an initial draft published on my blog ( about two weeks ago.

squidfingers / patterns

by cosyCloud & 44 others
very nice background/patterns for webpages or wallpaper

April 2005

squidfingers / patterns

by akamac
Great website for flash, javascript, css, and PATTERNS

March 2005

37signals: An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design

by Pandora & 16 others
The biggest challenge for web designers is the unthinkably huge number of possible ways to solve any given problem. We usually don't think of this because we have our habits and traditions to fall back on, but there are literally billions of possible pixe

February 2005

Kaliber10000 - Latest patterns

by Krome & 11 others (via)
Une banque de données de motifs de fond de page.

Kaliber10000 - Latest patterns

by fastclemmy & 11 others
Une banque de données de motifs de fond de page.

January 2005

December 2004

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