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August 2005


by nhoizey & 2 others (via)
This site is a wiki whose focus is PeopleProjectsAndPatterns in SoftwareDevelopment

July 2005

Catalog of Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

by fredbird & 1 other
These pages are a brief overview of each of the patterns in P of EAA. They aren't intended to stand alone, but merely as a quick aide-memoire for those familiar with them, and a handy link if you want to refer to one online. In the future I may add some post-publication comments into the material here, but we'll see how that works out.

Microsoft patterns and practices Center: Enterprise Library

by nhoizey (via)
The patterns & practices Enterprise Library is a library of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges

byokal : kaleidoscope

by sbrothier & 13 others
The kaleidoscope above is made by duplicating and flipping the viewable wedge that is sweeping around the circle to the left.

squidfingers / patterns

by lilolipop & 31 others
Nombreux papiers peints/pattern à cette adresse. L'auteur les mets gratuitement à dispo, en échange jouer le jeu et mettez son lien sur votre site ;-)

June 2005

Kaliber10000 { The Designers' Lunchbox ™ }

by lilolipop & 11 others
Galerie de motif pour papier peint - background de site.

The Art of Camo

by sbrothier & 1 other
Camouflage, you might think, is about blending in. But just as often, and especially these days, it's about standing out.

May 2005

UI Patterns and Techniques: Introduction

by fredbird & 5 others
Each of these patterns (which are more general) and techniques (more specific) are intended to help you solve design problems. They're common problems, and there's no point in reinventing the wheel every time you need, say, a sortable table -- plenty of folks have already done it, and learned how to do it well. Some of that knowledge is written up here, in an easily-digestible format.

April 2005

March 2005

squidfingers / patterns

by tokitama & 44 others (via)
Feel free to use any of these patterns on your own site. If you do decide use one, a credit link back to my site is always appreciated.