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25 UI Inspiration and Design Pattern Resources - Speckyboy Design Magazine

by simon_bricolo
Are your fresh design ideas no longer fresh or are you a designer who continually re-uses the same old and trusted design patterns that have followed you for many a year? Or, you might just be a UI designer that is stuck in a rut? If you are looking to change all that, then this is the post for you.

2009 - Design best practices to build the best web user interface (form design, navigation, buttons,...)

by simon_bricolo
Design best practices to create the best web user interface, going from form design examples to usability guidelines

8 Layout Solutions To Improve Your Designs | How-To | Smashing Magazine

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
The organization of content is probably one of the most important and influential aspects of any good web design. Organizing information into a well-built layout


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