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Microsoft hit with patent suit over .Net | InfoWorld | News | 2007-04-20 | By Robert Mullins, IDG News Service

by mbertier (via)
Vertical Computer Systems is suing Microsoft for allegedly using without permission its patent for a 'method of generating Web sites' as part of the .Net framework


McDonald's puts patent on sandwiches

by mbertier
McDonald's wants to own the rights to how a sandwich is made.


Monsanto patents pigs

by mbertier (via)
Monsanto isn't just seeking a patent for the method, they are seeking a patent on the actual pigs which are bred from this method. It's an astoundingly broad and dangerous claim.

WIPO Shutting Out Public Interest Organizations

by mbertier (via)
Last week, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced that it will shut out most public interest organizations at two important meetings devoted to intellectual property and development.

Nomade's land - Les brevets logiciels

by mbertier & 1 other
Excelletne synthèse - "Vous n'en avez peut-être jamais entendu parler, mais en ce moment se joue une lutte clé dans l'avenir de l'informatique et de la liberté en informatique, et de la liberté tout court."

Council Presidency Adopts Software Patent Agreement Against Council's Rules

by mbertier
"7 March 2005 -- The Council Presidency today declared the software agreement of 18 May 2004 to have been adopted, in violation of the procedural rules and in spite of the evident lack of a qualified majority of member states and the requests of several states to reopen negotiations." RHAAAAAAA

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