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December 2010

Portable PHP password hashing ("password encryption") framework

by srcmax & 5 others
This is a portable public domain password hashing framework for use in PHP applications. It is meant to work with PHP 3 and above, and it has actually been tested with at least PHP 3.0.18 through 5.3.0 so far.

October 2010

Google Chrome Master Password? - Google Chrome Help

by srcmax (via)

While we agree that this situation would be terrible, we believe that a master password would not sufficiently protect you from danger. Someone with physical access to your computer could install a keylogger to steal your passwords or go to the sites where your passwords are stored and get them from the automatically filled-in password fields. A master password required to show saved passwords would not prevent these outcomes.

September 2010

August 2010

July 2010

DLFP: Self Service Password (projet LDAP Tool Box) en version 0.4

by nicolargo
Interface Web pour administrer les mot de passe LDAP

June 2010

May 2010

How Secure Is My Password?

by sammyfisherjr & 3 others
Votre mot de passe dera t-il craqué en 5 minutes ou en plusieurs centaines de milliers d'années ? Amusant ; permet de prendre conscience de sa vulnérabilité...

April 2010

ChronoStrength - Testez la sécurité de vos passwords avec jQuery - La Ferme du web

by eledo34 (via)
Idéal si vous souhaitez proposer à vos visiteurs un indice de sécurité, vous pourrez le mettre en place très facilement. La librairie jQuery est adaptée du site "How secure is my password". Le calcul se fait à 50% mathématiquement et le reste en testant les passwords de base etc. Il vous donnera le temps mis par un pc basique pour cracker votre mot de passe. Voici comment le mettre en place: view sourceprint? 1.$("input#password").chronoStrength();

March 2010

Passpack Password Manager Home | Free Online Password Manager

by gregg
Keep track of all your passwords in one place.

February 2010

LDAP ToolBox (LTB) - Self Service Password

by nicolargo (via)
Un service Web pour changer le mot de passe de son compte LDAP

Better Password Fields with jQuery

by dzc
The solution is to hand the initiative over to the visitor and let them decide for themselves whether to show the password in plain text or not.

January 2010

Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think; Here's How to Fix That - Passwords - Lifehacker

by ghis
If you allow applications to save your passwords, anyone with physical access to your PC can decode them unless you're properly encrypting them—and chances are pretty good you're not. Let's walk through the right and wrong ways to store your passwords.

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