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How to use FormAI v1.2 :

by ODGSOFT (via)
1, the installation is successful, you will emerge ODG_FormAI browser toolbar. 2, click "analyze Detail" will help you analyze the current access to the website. 3, and click "Login the Page" will give you an easy entry into the site. 4, click the "Save Register" will keep you posted information. 5, click "More" more functional. 6, clicking on "Collect This" will keep you selected articles. 7, click "Make Password" will have a random password for your use, which in the Clipboard. 8. When your IE browser tool ODG_FormAI not indicate when. Please click "view" -> "Toolbar "so ODG_FormAI selected. can 9, click on "Favorite" in the navigation between sites. 10. click on "Favorite Managers" can manage sites. 11. Analysis of pages in the interface, click "Custom" elemental analysis can be based on HTML

FormAI = Auto Fill WebForm

by ODGSOFT (via)
FormAI is an outstanding password management software and Auto filler form online . and a comprehensive analysis of your website content. The Function is a very good on website article collector. Fully supports Internet Explorer, such as Maxthon browser. Support unlimited password management, and free technical support. Perfect plugin support, and unlimited expansion functions.

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