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p a s s k o o l

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PassKool is a deterministic password generator. It tries to generate passwords that more or less sound like English. As PassKool generator is deterministic, identical inputs will give the same password. The security here relies on a secret passphrase used to generate the final password. A passphrase is usually easier to remember than a cryptic password. If you happen to forget the password, you can still retrieve it using PassKool. PassKool can also create deterministic password with random content. This may sound contradictory but the deterministic parameter is the seed used for the random generator. Here's a short example for a "root" account on some Unix/Linux box. By default, the password has a length of 12 characters. python "root" "top secret phrase" ---> Generated password : quencatithro If you call this command again, you will find the same password.

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