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c THE cssutils - CSS library for Python

by jdrsantos & 2 others
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets. Partly implements the DOM Level 2 Style Stylesheets and CSS interfaces. An implementation of the WD CSS Module: Namespaces which has no official DOM yet is included from v0.9.1.

Mastering Oracle Python, Part 3: Data Parsing

by pvergain
There are countless reasons for parsing data, as well as tools and techniques to do it. But even the "right" tool may be insufficient when you need to do something new with the data. The same concerns exist for the integration of heterogeneous data sources. Sooner or later, the right tool for the right job happens to be a programming language. Oracle offers some very powerful utilities for loading, processing, and unloading data. SQL*Loader, Data Pump, external tables, Oracle Text, regular expressions—it's all there. Yet there is often a need to do things outside the database (or, trivially, perhaps you just weren't granted the necessary database privileges). Python delivers possibilities for efficient data parsing at a high level. The extensive standard library and many modules available for free on the Internet make it possible to work with data logic rather than dissecting bytes by hand.


pyconstruct »

by pvergain & 1 other
Construct is a python library for parsing and building of arbitrary data structures. It works by defining complex constructs using more primitive ones, in a hierarchy. This declarative structuring of components makes it very flexible and strong. It's the first library that makes parsing fun, instead of the usual headache it is today.


VObject Home

by roberto & 2 others
Vobject is intended to be a full featured Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files.

URL Parsing With WSGI And Paste

by roberto
This document is intended for web framework authors and integrators, and people who want to understand the internal architecture of Paste.

[Python-Dev] should sre.Scanner be exposed through re and documented?

by roberto (via)
You create a Scanner instance with a list of re's and associated functions, then you use it to scan a string, returning a list of parts which match the given re's. (Actually the matches are run through the associated functions, and their output is what forms the returned list.)



by roberto
A Lexical Analysis Module for Python.


by roberto & 2 others
A class library for text processing in Python.

Toy Parser Generator -- A parser generator in Python

by roberto
I know more about parsing than an oceanographer should.

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