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Do Men Drive Better than Women? Kids say so

by vacelts (via)
A recent British study by Privilege Insurance, revealed that kids prefer to ride with their dads because they think they are safer drivers — but not by much.

My family site blog

by sammyaxom (via)
My site on issues that face families. Including parenting. elder parent care.


Rachel’s First URL » Family Of Five

by zoomer & 1 other
Parenting 2.0? Growing up, URL's were a world away, but in the new millenium our children will never give a second thought to URLs or hyperlinks! A new milestone in raising your children!

Getting Kids to Listen

by more4kids (via)
Michelle Donaghey outlines in her article a few tips to help get kids to listen.

How To Find The Time To Give Children Individual Attention » Family Of Five

by zoomer
I’m a great believer in the school of thought that all children need regular, one to one, individual attention. I notice that if one of the kids is going through a spell of bad behaviour and we make sure they receive more individual time with us, it makes a big difference to their outlook and mood.

Genterist - Children and Education

by genterist
Genterist - Childrend and education is a serious blog about children, parenting. IT is always good and bad about the gap existing between parents and children. Our job is to provide knowledge of how to turn that gap to a small garden which is full of fun and joy.

Chicago Tribune Columnists BS MySpace Fearmongering Smacked Down

by fooTAR & 1 other
Online community expert refutes Chicago Tribune columnist's absurd, uninformed comments about MySpace and online communities.


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