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July 2007

Doing Keyword Research? Here Are Some Resources To Help!

by kuroyagi
Of course, the tool IS designed for Yahoo's paid search customers. Why should it care if others get a free ride off it? Mainly, because it's good PR for Yahoo.

April 2007

TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » PanamaだけではGoogleと戦うのに不十分―Yahoo、RightMediaを買収

by kuroyagi
Yahooは今日(米国時間4/29)、広告ネットワークのRightMedia の株式の80%を$680M(6億8千万ドル)のキャッシュとYahoo株式で取得すると発表した。Yahooはすでに同社株の残り部分を買収ずみ。

New Google AdWords Dashboard Looks Like Yahoo Panama

by kuroyagi
Similarities include : * Personalized advertiser alerts * Campaign forecasting in chart, graph form * More account transparency * Focus on traditional marketing metrics like CPM

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