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Jean Lapointe, photographe | Gatineau (Québec)

by Gérard Delisle
membre du Club de photographie Polarisé de l'Outaouais (Gatineau/Ottawa) |



Yahoo! 360° ■ Gérard Delisle ■ Ottawa, ON Canada

by Gérard Delisle
Ma passion est la photo. Cette page présente des liens qui mènent vers mes photos, mes blogues ainsi que mes signets virtuels (photographie et autres sujets ----■---- Photography is my passion. This page has links to my photos, my blogs and also to my favorites sites (photography and other areas of interest) ---■---

Bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa

by & 1 other
bibliothèque municipale, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Kijiji Ottawa Classifieds

Annonces classées gratuites

Craigslist Ottawa

Annonces classées gratuites, Ottawa et partout dans le monde - Free classifieds for Ottawa and elsewhere in the world

Radio-Canada Ottawa/Gatineau

Nouvelles et actualités d' Ottawa (Ontario) et de Gatineau (Québec), région de la capitale nationale du Canada

Louise Tanguay, photographe/photographer

by Gérard Delisle
(English text follows) Les photographies de Louise Tanguay ont été publiées dans plusieurs revues au Canada, aux États-Unis, en Europe et en Asie. Ses conférences-diaporamas ont fait le tour du Québec et ses œuvres photographiques ont remporté de nombreux prix d’excellence. Deux « beaux livres », NATURA et FLORA sont parus au Canada et en France en 2003 et 2004. Elle a signé les photographies de six guides de jardins. Originaire de Hearst, dans le nord de l’Ontario, elle exerce son métier dans l’Outaouais. ------------------ English version ---------------> Photographer Louise Tanguay uses the camera like a painter whose brushes convey a personal vision of the surrounding world. She plays with colour and light, combining reflections, shapes and shadows to throw lifelines from image to feeling. She seizes the passing moment; she arrests fleeting moods to make us partners in her view of planet earth. Louise Tanguay’s photographs have been published in many magazines and newspapers in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. She also published two books, NATURA and FLORA. Originally from Hearst, in northern Ontario, she now resides and works in the Gatineau, Québec.

Bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa

by Gérard Delisle & 1 other
bibliothèque municipale, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Orléans Photo Club

by Gérard Delisle
Club de photographie, quartier Orléans, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

US Senator Obama on Energy Independence

by multilinko
In this year's State of the Union address, President Bush told us that it was time to get serious about America's addiction to foreign oil. The next day, we found out that his idea didn't sit too well with the Saudi Royal Family. A few hours later, Energy Secretary Bodman backtracked and assured the world that even though the President said he planned to reduce the amount of oil we import from the Middle East, he actually didn't mean that literally. If there's a single example out there that encapsulates the ability of unstable, undemocratic governments to wield undue influence over America's national security just because of our dependence on oil, this is it.

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