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September 2006

Toy Safety Checklist

by likebike (via)
Use recommended age labelling as a guide Look for warnings or other safety messages on toy packaging Buy only toys suitable for the child's age group Avoid toys with sharp points or edges Check rigid eyes and noses on soft toys; make sure they cannot be pulled off Examine wheels on toy cars to make sure they are secure Make sure small parts of larger toys cannot break off AFTER BUYING Look for warnings or other safety messages on toy packaging Read carefully all instructions included in and on the toy packaging Throw away all toy packaging such as plastic, cellophane and styrofoam Teach your child the proper use of toys. For example, darts and arrows should not be pointed at anyone Throw away broken toys that cannot be fixed Make sure that batteries in toys are properly installed Do not allow a child to sleep with a battery-operated toy Supervise children playing with balloons Throw away pieces of broken balloons Remove toys and mobiles strung across cribs and playpens when baby begins to push up with hands and knees Make sure that large toy boxes have good ventilation and that the lid is lightweight and well supported Teach children to put their toys away Examine toys regularly for signs of wear and tear

April 2006

What is OpenVPN?

by HannahJones
OpenVPN is a fully-featured SSL VPN system. Supporting site to site VPN; remote acess, WIFI security, and other goodies. Open VPN uses OSI layer 2 or 3 with standard SSL/TLS protocol.

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