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Aanval Intrusion Detection Console - Snort and Syslog IDS / GUI / Interface

by xenomorph
Aanval is the industries only correlation and analysis console designed specifically for Snort and Syslog data.

XNmap - Network Scanner for Mac OS X

by xenomorph & 1 other
XNmap 3.0 XNmap is the most user friendly way to scan networks and perform security audits from a Mac. The current release updates XNmap to allow you to choose any copy of nmap you want, including the ability to use the version installed by Fink. The nmap binary that is included in the XNmap download (v. 4.01) is now installed in such a way to allow it to be run from the command line as well as from XNmap! XNmap is now a Universal Binary!

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by xenomorph & 2 others
An anonymous Internet communication system

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