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by RETFU (via)
Ability to configure table and column names

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Comparatif des performances des ORM PHP - jy[B]log

by dzc & 2 others (via)
ORM - Object Relationnal Mapper : outils permettant de manipuler les données d'une base au travers d'objets qui représentent généralement des enregistrements de tables. Ils évitent de ne pas utiliser du SQL, et facilite donc la séléction, l'enregistrement ou la déstruction des données.

Junction PHP

by jdrsantos & 2 others
Junction is the glue between your application and its database. Easy to use and extensible, Junction allows developers to focus on building applications instead of worrying about state persistence.

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The Django ORM Problem - 204 No Content Blog

by greut

That's cause Django gets the model definition language right - they're just using the wrong underlying library.

A very interesting article about Django ORM, what to keep and what to borrows from somewhere else.

August 2007

Geniusql python ORM

by pvergain
Geniusql is a public domain, low-level Object-Relational Mapper for Python applications. If you're familiar with Martin Fowler's work, you can think of Geniusql as providing a Data Source layer. It primarily uses a generic Table Data Gateway architecture (as opposed to the more tightly-coupled Active Record architecture recently popularized by Ruby On Rails and Django). If you want a more powerful solution, we recommend skipping Active Record and going straight to a Data Mapper like Dejavu. Dejavu uses Geniusql behind the scenes for RDBMS back ends, but allows you to mix and match them with RAM, filesystem, and other stores.

Django snippets: Sphinx Search ORM

by greut
An ORM model for the Sphinx full-text search engine.

July 2007 - custom software : PyDAO

by jdrsantos
PyDAO is very thin object-relational mapper similar to Hibernate (but much simpler). It's created to speed-up application development. It's very simple, but powerful, based on POPO (Plain Old Python Objects).

Canonical Releases Storm as Open Source | Ubuntu

by pvergain
New Python-based database communication tool represents first open source component of Launchpad LONDON, July 9, 2007 – Canonical Ltd today announced the release of Storm, a generic open source object relational mapper (ORM) for Python. Storm is designed to support communication with multiple databases simultaneously. Canonical is best known for the popular Ubuntu operating system and Launchpad, a web-based collaboration platform for open source developers. "Storm is an ORM that simplifies the development of database-backed applications in Python, especially for projects that use very large databases or multiple databases with a seamless web front-end", said Gustavo Niemeyer, lead developer of Storm at Canonical. "Storm is particularly designed to feel very natural to Python programmers, and exposes multiple databases as /stores/ in a clean and easy to use fashion." The project has been in development for more than a year for use in Canonical projects such as Launchpad, and is now publicly available under the LGPL license. This will be the first complete Launchpad component to be released as open source software. "We're excited about using Storm for Launchpad, and that it is being released as open source. Storm's API is clear and well designed, making it a joy to work with, " said Steve Alexander, Launchpad Product Manager at Canonical. "The scalability advantages of Storm's architecture are important for us to ensure that Launchpad continues to perform well as the number of Launchpad users grows." Launchpad currently includes developers data for several thousand projects and is used by tens of thousands of developers, translators, and other free software contributors. The Storm project welcomes participation, and has a new website at That site includes a tutorial, and links to allow developers to download, report bugs and join the mailing list.

FrontPage - Storm

by pvergain
Storm is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python developed at Canonical. The project has been in development for more than a year for use in Canonical projects such as [WWW] Launchpad, and has recently been released as an open-source product.