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Gospel Organ | Organ Drawbar Settings

by jpcaruana (via)
Hammond organ drawbar settings, chord progressions, and links Hammond Organ Drawbar Settings Hammond Organ Progressions Hammond Organ Links

jazz, gospel and blues drawbar setting theories for Hammond Organ

by jpcaruana
Fretting over the drawbar registration setting thing ? No problem... its a lot simpler than you think.

A Revelatory Look into the Organ Registration of 'AWSoP'

by jpcaruana
From the pictures supplied by Roland on this page (taken directly after Matthew had played A Whiter Shade of Pale on his own C3 at Milton Keynes on 16 March 2003), it appears to me that Maf's C3 was refinished. Look at the lacquer on the body of it. Also it is one of the later Hammonds made as it documented by the H logo preceding the word 'Hammond' on the front face of the upper manual deck.

Hammond registration

by jpcaruana
Organ 'registration' on a Hammond refers to the art of selecting / creating different tonal qualities by adjusting the settings of the 'drawbars' which roughly correspond to footages on a pipe organ ... each drawbar is numbered from 1-8 and there are 2 sets of eight (?) drawbars for each of the two 61-note manuals on the B-3 (Note: Matthew did not play a B3 on all Procol albums or concerts)

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