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Optimisation des performances de PHP sous Oracle et OCI8 : Ergonomie, Rails et Architecture de l'information web (2.0)

by nhoizey
excellente présentation faite par Oracle traitant de l’optimisation des performances de PHP dans un environnement base de données Oracle avec le driver OCI8


DeployPHP Series, Part 5: Zend Core for Oracle Quick Start

by holyver
Install, deploy, and configure PHP and Oracle using the simplest method available: Zend Core for Oracle.


The PHP 5 Data Object (PDO) Abstraction Layer and Oracle

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
An overview of the new PHP Data Objects (PDO) data abstraction layer, with a focus on Oracle, from one of its original developers.

Inside Open Source: A Quick Tutorial of PEAR DB

by springnet
So you’ve written a great application with PHP and it is up and running smooth. Then, your boss calls and tells you that your company won’t be using MySQL anymore. You’re moving to Oracle. Your application is dead in the water. You should have used

Improve PHP Performance by Caching Database Results | Database Change Notification

by Xavier Lacot (via)
As is well known, caching the results of database queries can dramatically improve script execution time and minimize the load on the database server. This technique can be especially effective if the data you are dealing with is quite static. This is because many data requests to a remote database may be eventually satisfied from the local cache, thus avoiding the need to make a connection to the database, execute the query, and fetch the results.

Christopher Jones on OPAL :

by nhoizey (via)
Just starting out with PHP database development, or unsure how to install PHP and Oracle? This full-length guide (PDF format) includes everything you need to know (and more)

Oracle, Creator of PHP? - The Pimp

by kasi77
There is rumours relayed by The Register about Oracle acquisitions plan, it is a quite surprising to see Zend in the list. Note that the text is not clear, but whether it is true or not, the scenario is interesting enough to think about the impacts in the PHP world.


PHP: Oracle 8 - Manual

by rmaltete
Ces fonctions vous permettront d'accéder aux serveurs Oracle8 et Oracle7. Elles utilisent l'interface Oracle8 Call-Interface (oci8). Vous aurez donc besoin des bibliothèques clientes Oracle8 pour pouvoir les utiliser.


by rmaltete & 1 other
Oracle 7/8 requeté par Php4/Apache1.3.12

PHP Collaboration Project

by nhoizey (via)
The PHP Collaboration Project is an open source initiative through which the PHP community and partners will create an industrial-grade PHP Web application development and deployment environment

Oracle et IBM professionnalisent PHP - Actualités -

by kasi77
Associés à Zend, Oracle et IBM préparent un framework PHP et un plug-in pour Eclipse. Ils veulent imposer cet environnement de développement comme le standard pour la création d'applications critiques.


by rmaltete & 11 others
ADOdb is a Database Abstraction Library for PHP (and Python). for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, Interbase,LDAP, Access, VFP, DB2 and many other databases

Andi Gutmans' Weblog: PHP OCI8 Driver Updated!

by nhoizey (via)
The OCI8 extension has had a lot of bugs in the past few years, and it became clear that if this extension was to become supportable, it would need a serious face lift and architectural improvement.

Updated oci8 extension now in PECL - Evil, as in Dr.

by nhoizey (via)
the oci8 extension is now more robust, performant, better documented and more thoroughly tested than ever before

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